Wolfgun - Ghosts Lyrics

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Wolfgun – Ghosts Lyrics

Once I asked you to fill an empty space
To live inside the shadow of the life I had to face
And though you took me, and made me feel alive
I wonder just how much of me that you have helped to die

Just like a burn will linger
She crept between my fingers
And to my body she has now become
A new disease

A fog to cloud my vision
More like an apparition
She made a mess and now
Abandoned me

So I had a revelation
Cause I found a new location
A place inside your heart
You thought that I would never see

Without a hint or notion
You wrought without emotion
A brand new world for you
To toy with me

So I thought I’d burn the bridge you made for me
But when I did, all our love was left behind
Now what we’ve got to show is a memory
And just like ghosts, it will keep me up at night

And now I know
That you are waiting somewhere
Watching me to see what I will do

So I will go
No, I won’t stay to bother you
The one thing that I counted on
That I believed was true!

[Lyrics to Ghosts by Wolfgun]

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Artist Wolfgun Lyrics
Album"Dark Arts" (2014)

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Wolfgun - Ghosts Lyrics

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