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Wymond Miles - Passion Plays Lyrics

Wymond Miles – Passion Plays Lyrics

If I had what, what you got selling
We would like old friends into the realms
If I could boost these lungs without breathing
Trust to bank us like, stuck your feelings
Ow we’re coming around, coming around
All of us
Yeah we’re broken and apart
Who changed and why?
From the start

Crazy for out love from them secrets inside us
I was too young to buy these sweets…
Ow we’re coming around, coming around
Who changed and why?
Your desire
Why? Yeah
Why? Yeah

Want to make nuts for somehow
We’re only broken apart
Stay back to the start

Sweet soul sister
It’s in your voice when you laugh
You will be happier here
Than you have been in years
But I could lie that I remember
We’re like old friends to the end
Oh coming around, yeah coming in rounds
All of us…the best of us

[Lyrics to Passion Plays by Wymond Miles]
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