Yasiin Gaye - Inner City Travellin' Man Lyrics

Yasiin Gaye – Inner City Travellin’ Man Lyrics

Inner city, trevellin’ man
I don’t wanna become and aviator
And I wanna become a great singer
I always had the same dream
The dream was that I was singing for a hundred and thousand of people
Be with people and I, and I got to understand the relations
And then we bumping, I always though that I
That you letting me go

I’mma leaving
Inner city, trevellin’ man
I’mma leaving
Inner city, trevellin’ man
I’mma leaving
Inner city, trevellin’ man

I’m leaving, we go ahead and leave
We go whole around the world from the West to the East
These gotta paying more then half but going back inside that town
That gotta escape and we got probably run back in town
She laying …still jungles and they
They still jungles with a lot of mc
I eat the blue colors and it ..
Cuz they still pull rhymes and it’s no different from cold …
Be both on the I side ’til I earth the diamond
Awe you start climbing and my eyes start shining
You’ll be struggling and they traveling
And they think you got the diamond
…they keep …make a observation
This is the daily operation my concentration
Stay focus on my resistation
To rich my destination when no pose an hesitation
They be link a purpose …that we creating
This is pro ball, and we let you know yo
At the show yo, throw all this yo
Keep the phone call, I’m ready to blow dog
By the ..been a pleasure to know you all
And I’m letting you know

I’m leaving
Inner city, travellin’ man
I’m leaving
Inner city, travellin’ man

Go with it, I’ll be death soon
To drop me seven years, bagging on my back dog
Around the world with the catalog around me
My baby girl it’s talking been that way for so long
Man I know you halo but at least you not assumed to me
My home town it’s like a whole that presumed me
The old times that.. illusionally
The new Jackson been in park smoking greenery
Easily taking for granny while you were been in it
But you’ve been down for a minute
Move around sit here and brake it down for a minute
Classical beat boy in this
Feel like the wind here, it’s the reason that we came here
This thing it’s not a game, unfortunate we’re don’t have to
It’s a fortune not a fame man,
From New York to the…
Callie and the catalog, she caught here and she…
And for trick Virginia to stay
They say that to make me stay
Feel it and they penetrate, told you we’ll make this in our way
Let’s get …to take our …
They celebrate for my ..and for their …
Even your man is in …knows how I am
In the sun make everybody know what they
Say each and one …
Feel me now, excuse me this a phone call
This a show yo, try to get this all yo
About to blow you, been a pleasure to know yo
And I’m letting you know

I’m leaving
Inner city travellin man
I’m leaving
Inner city travellin man
I’m leaving
You can leave but it’s going to cost you
I’m leaving
You can leave but it’s going to cost you

Said I’m leaving
All those games play,
I don’t know if I’ll be back again
Kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you know I never don’t
Even tho you know I don’t
I’m a travellin man, moving this days
Amazing times, I got a lot ofg things I gotta do
But for sure I’ll be back for you
Baby, I’m a travellin man, moving through blazes
Special times, got a lot to do
But God really knows I come back to you
Back to you, baby
I go back to you, to you

[Lyrics to Inner City Travellin’ Man by Yasiin Gaye]

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