Yo Dot - Never Shines Lyrics

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Yo Dot – Never Shines Lyrics

Intro: (Cosby Show sound clip)
Chorus: From where the sun don’t shine
(The youths all deceived and my niggas all blind
Running out of hope but the feds giving time)
I think about it all as it runs thru my mind (oh well)

I used to steal bikes off the southside
And bring em north by my neighbor crib
I used to steal candy out the teachers desk think
Imma pay her back come the day I make it big
Ain’t no secret nigga the hood is ours
North-west Sherman Fondulac on the boulevard
Me and Pete pumping packs out his father crib
No fear of house raids or if we caught a bid
Wild treys god damn you created force
Weather you rap trap or you just played in a sport
From the place where the good dont make it all
And even when a nigga win he taking a loss
Pre Chorus: Whereabouts and the place where I grew up
Before anybody ever knew us
I done made mistakes and some screw ups
Hoping for some new luck
I bet you niggas thought and never knew what (what)

Verse 2:
Fresh out the county jail climbing out the the quick sand
(oh well)
You see my mugshot picture on my wristband (oh well)
Being incarcerated never was a planned dream
Cutting niggas hair for a item of canteen (oh well)
I got some homies up in riot and fox lake
Parish dasheen & other prisons locked state
Make it home Brodie’s stage sentenced time served
Get a legal hustle & take away from the crime surge
(Money over these women and watch ya hustle be infinite
And no distraction attention is on ya dollars and Benjamin’s )
Even in the place where hearts and the smiles frozen
You might see a ray of light of sun when the clouds open

Outro talking:
Shit crazy right??
we can’t complain though.
Just gotta get through it
Rest in Peace the homie LIL Mike
we out

[Lyrics to Never Shines by Yo Dot]

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Artist Yo Dot Lyrics
Album"A Winter's Ration" (2014)

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Yo Dot - Never Shines Lyrics

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