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Yuck - Rebirth Lyrics

Yuck – Rebirth Lyrics

Hold me down, in the sunlight
To sacrifice myself.
I want your love I want you.
Sly me down, deep like the ocean
To contemplate myself.
I don’t want your love
I want you hard , hard.

Dropped in a …
Of all is abandoned
To understand myself,
I don’t want your pain
I want you.
Sour sound,
That goes around me.
And breaks me in silent
I don’t want your pain,
I want you hard, hard.
Happy all the time.

Happy all the time.

Go down, I’d wanna go down
Go down, I’d wanna go down
Go down, I’d wanna go down
Go down, I’d wanna go down

[Lyrics to Rebirth by Yuck]
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