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Zak Waters - Over You Lyrics

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Zak Waters – Over You Lyrics

So many days
A million ways
I thought id break

That pretty girls with pretty legs
Would fill the empty space

I know people say
That feelings fade
Never seems to change

But nothing keeps the thoughts of you away
That’s why….

There’s somebody sneaking out my bedroom door
Picking all her clothes up off my bedroom floor
A temporary fix to what I can’t ignore
She’s just a new high
So i can fly over you

Another night
Another date
Another useless charade

But its alright
Because she’ll stay
And keep the ghost of you away

They say
Give it space
Sit and wait
But nothing seems to change
Cuz I still think about you everyday

No don’t wanna be lonely lonely lonely x3

[Lyrics to Over You by Zak Waters]

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