ZED15 - Love you Lyrics

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ZED15 – Love you Lyrics

Iala here again Z15 bring this for you, here we go, boombard, I
Original kenzman wp, alongside ,boyer bosco, oh here me go, can you
Give it to me (2x) boytagain…

I love you, me really love u with mer heart girl me tell ya that
All I need is, ya forgiveness and mercy’s all that i want from you
I love you, you say to me take ya time boy dont need to rush
All I need is youuuuuu…2x

Why I say, gial u treat me liker u dont know me, me call ya phone but
There’s no response gial, gial u tell me why u do this to me, I want
You by my side aliker (me need ya) mer lover_ (2x)

Many miles away from u n me girl,
This dont separate your love towards I,
Ina mer heart me cant stop thinking of you, kela is the one who can
Take u all the way (2x)

Right from mer heart girl, me tell ya that me love ya, me thinking of
The good times, u give me kisses n huggings

Darl ya words kip hating me, cos loving u just like a fire, spending
Rest of my time with you but yet its still nonsense to me

[Lyrics to Love you by ZED15]

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Artist ZED15 Lyrics
Album"The wisest sons" (2014)

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ZED15 - Love you Lyrics

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