Zzyzx - Upstairs Lyrics

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Zzyzx – Upstairs Lyrics

Oh baby have you fallen yet
Cause I’ve been for a minute
Yeah I’ve been for a while

Heard stories bout your silhouette
From all those you’ve been leading
From all those in your past

I bet you’d say that it wasn’t your fault
But it never is
And this is just something I should know

On sight you hunt to take what you can home
Will it ever end
Tell me when is enough

Do you really want to take this road
Don’t complain already warned you slow
She just wants to come inside then go
And I’ve been trying hard just not to give a fuck

Don’t be shy just pour yourself a drink
I’ll be upstairs when you’re done
Or we can just get right back to the fun

Oh baby ive been known (I have, I have)
To fall in love upstairs.

[Lyrics to Upstairs by Zzyzx]

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Zzyzx - Upstairs Lyrics

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